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Travel Health & Immunisations Clinic

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Travel Health & Immunisations Clinic

Increase in world wide travel has increased the risks of travellers having problems with their existing diseases as well as developing new tropical and other diseases while abroad. To prevent these problems the practice offers Travel Health Advice which includes advice about Travel Immunisations/Vaccinations.

Please note the NHS does not permit us to provide medication required for a prolonged stay abroad. This, together with some travel immunisations, will have to be purchased privately.

If you are planning to travel abroad :

Obtain information about the medical requirements associated with your journey from either your travel agent, the web or the practice itself.

Useful web sites are :
National Centre for Infectious Diseases USA

Let reception know the details of your travel requirements. A travel vaccination form will then be completed for you. This will authorise the Treatment Room Nurse to give you the appropriate vaccinations. A prescription for some of the vaccinations is also necessary and will be prepared by the doctor.

When you are ready to have the vaccinations, call at the surgery for the form and the prescriptions. Collect vaccinations from the pharmacist and bring the vaccinations and the form to the treatment room nurse for the vaccination.

If you need more detailed advice about health please talk with the nurse or doctor.

Finally, it is important that you tell the doctor that you have recently been abroad, if you take ill on your return. This fact needs to be taken into account in any assessment of symptoms. Please remember that medication used to prevent malaria must be taken for a number of weeks after you return home to prevent illness.

Please make an appointment at least eight weeks in advance of your holiday to ensure adequate cover. Some immunisations and vaccinations are not covered by the NHS and a charge will be made for these. A list of these charges is held at reception.


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