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Associated Staff

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District nurses and Health Visiting staff

These staff are attached to the practice from The South & East Trust. They are an essential part of the practice team. They can be contacted by telephone at the practice.(9079 0642). The District nurses and Health Visitors are highly skilled and experienced.

The District Nurses mainly provide nursing services to patients at Home. The district nurses assess, plan and provide highly skilled nursing care for patients, with support for carers, in the patient's own home. Back up support is provided from Lincoln Avenue Nursing Team which enables nursing care to be given 365 days per year. In addition there is an evening auxiliary support service until 10.00pm nightly. All patients are responded to within 24 hours of referral.

The Health Visitors are mainly concerned with health promotion and illness prevention. The health visitor is a specialised nurse who assesses the physical, emotional and social health needs of families with young children. They concentrate their activities on children and the elderly. They are your first link into the Social Services System.


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